Reality says its true. This is my life. Wonderfully complex and marvelously simple. Walked away from the norm and found myself to be average. He counts to three but says "No" at four. Ahhh, depravity. Not taught in schools. Not the corruption of others. I wipe the counters and think of then. The days when I didn't. Just last week. Between the diapers and ringing phones, I remember the beauty that I possess. Strength to carry on but weak enough to consider my need for help. A mound of laundry covers my couch. Theres a time to fold and a time to play. In this moment I choose to play. Coos escape his little mouth. A paycheck could not bribe me away from this moment. "Just one more time" is the mantra most often repeated. Seldom adhered to. Fresh clothes and new mascara. Daddy is coming home. Finish the folding while "Elmo's World" rings in my ears. Learned to cook and how to love, but do not love to cook. Warm chow fills our tummies. In a language unknown, our toddler tells of his day. Table is vacant. Games of silliness and shrieks of laughter. Daddy is now his Superman. Smiles from the lil' one cause a grown man to squeal. With another round of diapers down it's time to call it a night. With kisses and wishes for all the sweet dreams he could muster, one is down. Mr. Party-All-The-Time holds out. Doesnt want to miss anything. Cautious bounces lull babies to sleep. Not ours. With enough food in his stomach, and smiles long gone, he gives up the fight. Mommy is tired. Daddy is wired. Together they try to compromise. Talking it over No-Bake cookies always seems to help. One last gulp of rich, smooth milk and Mommy turns in for the night.


mooce said...

I love it! More, more, more!