Granola-ism at it's Finest


Sunday morning I woke up feeling terrible. The first 15 minutes I excused it as a hang-over until I realized that a glass of wine and 1 Cuba Libre would not leave me feeling the way I did. As the day progressed I felt more and more sick. I couldn't walk, sit, stand, or lay down without feel like I was going to pass out or throw up. My throat hurt, my neck ached, and I was wearing two shirts and a sweater on an 85 degree day.

Monday I was worse. I couldn't function and it hurt to breathe. I finally took a look at my throat and it was solid white. Strep throat. The enemy from my childhood. Swigs of wretched bubble gum flavored medicine and gargles of salt water. Not wanting to pay for an office visit, and absolutely not wanting to go on the antibiotics that most docs swear you have to go on to overcome Strep I turned to my holistic ways.

So the journey began. Clove after clove of garlic. Yes, I began to chew and swallow whole cloves of garlic every four hours. Less than 24 hours later my throat was back to normal and I'm feeling great.

I told my mother-in-law of my discovery and she laughed. Apparently her father would gnaw on garlic as his source of antibiotics. I love the way the "old world medicine" works. I'm not against modern medicine, but if you can find a holistic approach then why not? The immune system can build up an immunity to antibiotics but not garlic, hmmmm....

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mooce said...

Now I have an excuse for the insane amounts of garlic I eat! How long before B would kiss you?

The Braaten Family said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad you posted links to garlic info. I can't wait to get sick and try it!!!

The smilebox pictures are gorgeous. Both your sons' personalities came shining through...did you take these at Arbor Hills???