Brandon and I had the opportunity to spend an amazing weekend with Brandon’s best friend and his bride last weekend. Aaron was the best man in our wedding, a friend that has stood by Brandon through life’s tumultuous ways, and has spoken truth into our lives in a lovingly offensive way. Last weekend was different.

The four of us were able to share in life’s joys, hardships and fellowship the way I imagine God created His children to mingle. We were blown away by how Sara, Aaron’s wife, and I are so much alike. I laughed, became choked up, rejoiced in true friendship, and mourned when they left on their plane back to California.

By the end of the weekend it felt as though Sara and I had known each other for years and we had been given the time to naturally become friends. Something clicked and I could identify with my new friend at a level I do not experience often enough. Sara is one of those people that you meet for a moment but leaves an imprint on your heart forever.

I had honestly forgotten the joy that Aaron is. He’s loud, passionate and enthusiastic about life; yet, he now has the responsibilities of a man and the tenderness of a husband. It was beautiful to see the transformation from the carelessness of youth to the honorable role he had stepped into as the priest of his home.

We talked late into the night about the church, theology, their adventures into South America, and our dream to one day live life together. The experience was refreshing and soulful. There were times of vulnerability and times when uncontainable laughter erupted in the car.

I praise God for friends that go the distance. Friends that chase you when you try to walk away, and friends that remind you what the grace of God is all about. I look forward to finding out what God has in store for this irreplaceable friendship God renewed this weekend.


mooce said...

'best friends'? Strange. I was in Austin all weekend.

We need to talk.