Step 1


"Hello, my name is Niccole and I have a hoarding problem."

For those who have read my blog, and kept up with my quest for simplicity, you know that I have been on a mission for 1.5 years to declutter my house. I have thrown away, donated or sold over 2,000 items in the last year and it has been so freeing. My only regret was getting rid of our baby items thinking we were done having kids, but apart from that pitch fest I have not looked back.

Well, now I'm trying to make room for our sweet baby girl, and this means more decluttering. Last night I had Brandon move everything out of the guest room (what will be the nursery) and into our room, because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the mess in our room for long. As of 10:30 a.m. I have managed to condense two rubbermaid containers into one small trunk and get rid of another 90 items of junk. I'm taking pictures and will update later.

Updated 06/05/08: The linen closet is now totally cleared out and clutter free. I have been able to rid our house of 250 items to sell or donate in the last 2 days, and have thrown away 3 lawn and leaf bags of junk. The baby's room now contains stacks of items to take pictures of to sell online or to sell in a garage sale. Whoo hoo!

What I'm asking myself as I go along:

1. What am I hoarding that may be able to bless someone else?

2. If this burned in a fire would I miss it or remember that it was gone?

3. When was the last time I used this item?

4. When will I use this item again?

5. Is this my "bunt pan"? (See my very old post)

6. Is this truly important to me or just something I'm clinging to because of the past? (This is a new revelation for me, and once I have it more thought out I will blog about this)

Back to work...