What's For Dinner? - Week 2


Sorry I'm late getting this out. We have had guests in town and family commitments.

Sprouts: 31.81

Walmart: 29.66 (Includes diapers)

Eating Out: 9.32

Total: $70.79



Same as last week w/exception being Sunday, Monday & Tuesday we had whole wheat pancakes from a large batch made on Sunday.


Sunday: Family had leftover Spanish Rice

Monday: B - PB & Honey Sandwich, plum, nectarine, fig newtons & pretzels, Boys: PB&J, Annie's Honey Bunnies, & Apple

Tuesday: B - PB & Honey Sandwich, plum, nectarine, fig newtons & pretzels, Boys: PB&J, watermelon, plums, pretzels, N - Spanish Rice

Wednesday: B&N - Leftover orzo with Chicken, Boys - Bean and cheese quesadillas, grapes & nectarine

Thursday: B&N - Leftover orzo with chicken, Boys - PB & Honey sandwiches, plums, pretzels

Friday: B&N - Southwest rice salad, Boys - quesadillas and grapes

Saturday: Family - leftovers from week


Sunday: Graduation Party

Monday: B&N - Grilled Chicken salad w/ peppers, toms, mushrooms, & almonds, Boys: Chicken and Rice w/watermelon

Tuesday: Orzo - double batch (making for our sister & friend who are in town :)) & 2 chicken breasts

Wednesday: Chicken Kabobs w/zucchini, summer squash & mushrooms - wild rice on the side

Thursday: Southwest Rice Salad with Chicken

Friday: Chicken Paninis on sourdough with baked sweet potatoes and squash

Saturday: Cuban Black Beans and Rice w/tomatoes, side salad

Snacks this week:

Fruit - grapes, nectarines, plums, watermelon, apples


Fig Newtons (major sale & very rare in house)

Annie's Honey Bunnies (Thanks Ya-Ya)


The Braaten Family said...

I was curious...where's the Starbucks? LOL!!

Niccole said...

I love it! Thanks to Nate (our wonderful barista friend) we get free coffee to fuel our sick addiction, and Brandon's connections from his barista days take care of the occassional pit stops we make. I think I'll go post how to make your own iced coffee at home now... :)