I'm Back!


Our lovely Dell decided three weeks ago to take a dive, but I'm back and with a whole new realization of my old internet addiction.

The past few weeks have been so incredibly productive. In the first week I completely deep cleaned my entire house. Things were pulled out of cabinets and closets to be cleaned, organized and pitched. I went through nearly 100 magazines and pulled out articles, recipes and crafts to organize in one binder so I no longer have to search "for what I found in a magazine last year." (I'll write more about that one later.) By the end of Week 1 the baby's room was filled with things to donate and sell in an upcoming garage sale.

During the second week I started on my many plans for the baby's room. Her nursery is a mix of modern and feminine with bold colors (fuschia, turquoise, and butter cream yellow) and will be decorated with a few flowers and a ton of birds. I will have to post pics soon because I spent hour after hour hand sewing 3-D birds and making pictures for her wall. The squares for her quilt are cut, but I'm watching the sale papers for a decent coupon to finish the back.

The third week was spent creating lists of things that need to be done, ways rooms need to be organized, and ways to change the house up a bit. It was a fun week, and the task was so much easier to take on without a mess or excess things laying around.

I'm so sorry I didn't get Weeks 3 & 4 posted for my "What'd for Dinner?" blogs. Though I had every intention of writing down what we ate for dinner every night I didn't. I'll have to catch up with that idea another month.

I got in the habit of blogging last month and really missed it once the computer went down. Hopefully I'll pick it back up and be able to share more of our lives with those that read!


Jen said...

So glad you're back. ;)