Hung Out to Dry


17 loads of laundry washed, and I think baby girl may have something to wear when she's born! Our clothes line is 45 feet long and I filled it twice with cloth diapers. I also washed all of her clothes, the linens for her room, and started prepping our homebirth supply stash. By the end of the day our clothes line had been loaded and unloaded 8 times. Thank God for the fast drying Texas sun!

I had to take a picture this morning of our first round of cloth diapers hanging out to dry.


natalie said...

that's one of my favorite things in life--seeing cloth diapers drying in the sun--so perfect! Especially those prefolds--there's nothing better!

The Braaten Family said...

This is a hoot! I cannot wait to start my stash of cloth diapers!!! (but I don't have a fantastic clothesline like yours...)

QuestionComfort said...

you are always so sweet to comment on my blog, so I hopped over to yours. number 1. love the layout...where did you download that? number 2. so are you still making cupcakes? number 3. it really impresses me that you hang clothes to dry on a line! Only in America is that archaic...to the rest of the world that is life. I love it. Hope you are well. Tell Brandon HI

Jen said...

Hurry up baby girl and get here already!!!