- I am more anxious than anyone to meet my little girl. If ringing phones, or questions about signs of impending labor, could bring on labor I'm sure she would already be in my arms.

- I am not ready to "have my body back." Will my body ever be back? Do your hips ever shrink back to your pre-pubescent size after giving birth to 3 children? Will my breasts ever be the same after nursing 3 children more than 3 years? Having a baby does not mean I get my body back.

- Sure I am tired, but having two toddler boys will do that to you anyway

- My doctor is not concerned about how long I remain pregnant, but that is only because I don't have a doctor. However, my midwife wonderfully reminds me that no woman has been pregnant forever, and as an educated woman I need to keep trusting in God and the birth process.

- Homebirth is in fact a safe birthing option. I try to not make it a habit of putting myself or my children in harm's way if I can at all avoid it.

- Yes, the sonogram could have been wrong and my girl could really be a boy. Yes, that would be a little tough to handle, but hearing stories about a friend, of a friend, of a friend's cousin who that happened to does not make me doubt the gender of my child - it only annoys me that people would share such a story.

- I am not concerned about pushing out a 10 lb baby, because last time I checked fat squishes. Pushing out another head the size of Elias' head at birth is a totally different story.

- No, I'm not any hotter this summer being 9 months pregnant then I am any other summer in Texas.

- Yes, I am more hormonal this pregnancy then I ever was with the boys, but this blog makes me feel so much better.


Jen said...

You're so sassy when you're 9 months pregnant. ;) I love it.

The Braaten Family said...

Oh this hilarious. I prefer a larger size baby...9 pounds sounds perfect for me! heehee

Love the one about the doc!!!

Matt & Kristin said...

Sorry you are getting all the comments. I would have asked the heat one though. In a MN winter I was boiling w/ Jaimes (refusing to wear a coat) so I guess I'm glad I wasn't that dork asking that question. I've been wondering when this little someone will enter the world and excited to see the pic or hear of labor.

natalie said...

Sorry I made a comment in a previous post about how I keep asking Elyse if your baby was here yet, but that's mainly b/c I love your blogs so when they're not around I wonder where you're at. Plus, I don't know you, so I won't be one of the ones to hear when she comes--and I have to know when she comes b/c I feel like I know you from reading. :D
But I hear your hubby was going out of town for work training. (ummm, I swear, I'm not a stalker!!) is he back yet? I pray he will be there to support you and hold your hand and see his sweet little baby's face as soon as she makes her arrival!

elyse said...

i heart you. :D

Niccole said...

I guess I just needed to get some thiings off my chest in order for her to come - LOL!

Natalie - PLEASE don't be sorry about asking. I was definitely refering to our family calling 2-3 times a day. I totally expect the random curiousity, and am grateful that so many people care!