I'm a Housewife.


Something I never dreamed of, but is now all I want. Being a homemaker is an art, a role that never ends, and rewarding in the small and quiet ways. The job doesn't pay well, my work often goes unnoticed until it's not done, and it can become mundane. I have minimized and mocked the very thing I am called to do.

However, my job is fulfilling. When I look around and see my home cozy and clean there is satisfaction. My day is filled full of questions from toddlers, giggles while doing tasks that would be boring if kids weren't involved, and lessons on cooking and bugs. I enjoy being presentable when my husband comes home from work. There is a comfort in knowing that my family wants to be in their home because - just like all of their things - they have a place here. It is nice to know that I have finally learned how to cook meals that are not only palatable but enjoyable.

For too long I was deceived in my thinking that because I'm a stay-at-home-mom that I somehow settled or sold myself short. Sewing, decorating and organizing have all become hobbies of mine, but I still enjoy good books and adult conversations. World events and global atrocities still get me going. My mind still challenges the way things are, and I still have the courage to change the things I do not like. I still am a free-thinking woman, and one that freely chose an often over-looked profession.

Learning to take pride in my many roles is my first personal goal right now. My home is far from being perfect or in order, but the desire to do my job with excellence is now there. I pray that I no longer settle for "good-enough," or procrastinate because there is always tomorrow.