What made me come back to my blog nearly a year after my last post? It hasn't happened too many times in my life, but occasionally the Lord brings someone into my life that I know "gets me." This past weekend was one of those times.

A precious friend of mine, Elyse, had a baby shower on Saturday. Elyse's variety of friends is a convicting picture of what the body of Christ looks like. The Harlows are some of the most amazing people one could know, and their home is open to anyone. (Just know that you will probably end up talking about Jesus and natural childbirth.)

While at the baby shower I met Dawn. She is strikingly beautiful, animated, passionately in love with Jesus, and covered in tattoos. We started talking about embroidery, and ended up discussing our shockingly similar stories. After hours of conversation, I was reminded that God is not a respecter of people, and that the church is larger than those I worship with on Sundays. I also walked away convicted to not be timid in sharing what I know to be true of God, and challenged to start writing again.

I am thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes to see the beauty of opportunity. Opportunities to grow, to nurture, to love, to weed-out, to stumble, and to learn. I am so thankful for old and new friends that point me towards Christ.