"Boom, Mama, Boom!"


Yesterday I had the joy of watching a thunderstorm through my children’s eyes. I had just laid the boys down for nap, and tucked myself in for a little snooze as well, when thunder shook the house. Elias immediately called for me and Josiah followed with cries. I brought both of them into bed with me, and with my curtains drawn back we all watched the rain pour down.

With every explosion of thunder Elias would screech “Boom, Mama, Boom!” His eyes would light up almost as much as the skies with each lightning strike. Josiah remained in complete amazement just staring out of my bedroom window. In all of his 11 months I don’t think he has ever seen something so magnificent.

I love these moments. I pray that memories like yesterday never escape me. Being able to watch my children discover the amazing world our God created is one of the greatest rewards of being a mom.


mooce said...

I miss Eli so much. I also think I've met his nest girlfriend. The daughter of my boss is almost 2 and has a crush on me. I, of course, am enamored with her. I sat with her on my lap at the coffee shop as her mother worked on the books in the back.

"Hi, Moot," Elia said as she tickled my neck. I gave her kisses on her face and she giggled and then leaned into me. After a while, her mother came to take her home, and as Alison picked Elia up from my lap, Elia touched her own face with both hands on her cheeks and said with joy to her mother, "Moot kisses. Moot, kisses."