This was emailed to me and I thought I would share....


I was born in deep confusion with a band-aid on my knee, cause my Mom and I were drugged up to induce delivery I do not like being pressured when I can get out myself, and to be born in a hospital can be dangerous to my health

Obstetrician, don't you slap my butt, cause I'd learn to breathe on my time if my chord you did not cut Obstetrician, get your pliers off my head, cause I'd come out in my own time if you didn't give Mom those meds

Just because I don't have words yet doesn't mean that I'm not smart, and if I could speak your language I'd say end the patriarch I'd say birth me underwater and not under a knife, for it's time you took some lessons from your neighborhood midwife

Obstetricians, don’t lose patience with me, cause I do not need a C-section, I just need empathy Obstetricians, stop thinking you are Gods, take a tip from those two french guys, Le Boyer and Lamaze

Well I've just been on a journey and I need a little rest, but you whisk me off of Momma and her sweet warm treasured chest The lights are bright, the room is cold, it's not womb temperature, it's my first taste of your planet and I am not wanting more

Obstetricians, don't take me away from Mom, cause we're both having bad hair days and we really need to bond Obstetrician, please listen to my scream, cause ignoring my birth trauma is not good for my esteem

And while I'm venting, here's a tip about us guys, we might grow up more peaceful if we were not circumcised Obstetricians, it's transformation time, cause to birth our young non-violently is a must for humankind

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