He's 1 Today


My heart is torn. I think back to the first contraction I felt at the onset of labor with Josiah and it seems so long ago. His short, yet intense, labor and his peaceful entrance into the world. The sleepless nights, the endless hours of rocking, swaying and bouncing all seem lost to yesterday. Worrying about whether or not Josiah would survive his first year of Elias' adventures kept me up at night. I want to be sad and mourn what seemed to be such a short year, but I rejoice in the little boy my baby is becoming. His laugh is contagious, his eyes light up a room, his eyebrows tell a story of their own, and his little whimpers could soften the hardest of hearts. I want to be sad at how fast he grew, but I look forward to all that his life has in store.

Happy 1st Birthday, Josiah!


mooce said...

Strange. I could have sworn that when I saw him last he had two legs. That picture suggests otherwise. What gives? Did you give his other leg away?