Insight @ Sbux


I sit in my truck and watch him. He wheels up to his table, water bottle in lap, and glances around the cafe. Looking out the window, my stare breaks and I look at my lap. Two working legs and thumbs that easily twirl in my discomfort.

Inching towards the table he stretches his buckled hands to place the water on the table. Again his eyes dart from corner to corner trying to identify a wandering pair of eyes. Each twisted hand helps the other as the bottle is spun and his teeth serve him. Cautiously he turns the bottle not wanting dribbles of water to misplace themselves on his shirt. Slowly he eases the bottle down and turns the cap with what strength he has. The lid comes off and he drinks with confidence, and this was one of his many feats for the day. Impaired yet has the fortitude of a man.

Placed at the table he methodically pries open the crisp seams of his new book. That is his world. Where his body lacks his mind soars. He journey's places thought limited by a chair. He will see deeper, learn more and go farther. He is beautiful.


mooce said...

His mind, lucid with imagination, serves well beyond its means - ideas and thoughts exploding like those of a piston.

Today, my wounded friend, you an architect of dreams. Build me something tall, from which I can stand and watch the petty prattle of a boring life below.

Today you are not as you seem, and I love you.

mooce said...

When will I get more? I want more!

Beauty said...

Very discerning of you to see the beautiful in what the world in all its crassness would deem merely deformed and, therefore, useless.

I like your observations, and your writing style very much.