Chocolate Covered Tofu


I am riding out the aftermath of an all night birth, and made a profound discovery in the midst of my exhaustion. I'm a hypocrite when it comes to my health. I encourage, coach, and provide women with the tools to take charge of their birth experiences but I am not taking care of my health.

Brandon and I have been eating organic and an overall decent diet for a few months now but it's not enough. I must decide that I want to be responsible for my well-being, the leading expert on my body's needs, and focused on using what God has given me to glorify Him. I cannot put my health off, or be naive enough to believe I'm doing enough. It is time for me to grow up and realize the beauty of stewarding my body.

I am against chemicals and pharmaceuticals but cave into my cravings for sugar. My mind grasps the importance of a healthy lifestyle; yet, my emotions give way to the temptations of food. If I lack discipline in the little things I will lack discipline in the greater things.

I may not be so passionate about this after I get some sleep so if you read this nudge me as a reminder.


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I'm so glad you saw this!!!! Belle's new friend Charlie! They are still figuring each other out, but overall, Charlie LOVES it for now!!!