"And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh: as it is said to this day, `In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen'" (Gen. 22:14)

"Jehovah will see it," or "Jehovah will provide," or "Jehovah will be seen."

Accepting I do not understand the measure of God's providence, I attempt to look at my life and experiences through the unabridged truths His Word contains. I cannot escape the reality that I serve a God, who in all of His Sovereignty will not spare me the hurts and sorrows of the fallen world I find myself in.

Provision is often looked at as God supplying us with all of our needs and most of our desires. What about when He provides us with the character building, faith strengthening, endurance developing experiences? Was God not there when I was abused as a child? Is He not there when babies die and cancer is diagnosed? Is He not watching while the adulterers are tearing apart a family? Dare I question whether or not it is the enemy that brings these heartaches? Is my walk with Jesus about my happiness, health or wealth or is it about something more? It is all about God receiving all of the glory from His creation.

"We see that He leaves us in a world of sin to be tried, tested, belaboured by troubles that threaten to crush us — in order that we may glorify Him by our patience under suffering, and in order that He may display the riches of His grace and call forth new praises from us as He constantly upholds and delivers us. Psalm 107 is a majestic declaration of this.

Is it a hard saying? Not to the man who has learned that his chief end in this world is to “glorify God, and (in so doing) to enjoy Him for ever.” To glorify God by patient endurance and to praise Him for His gracious deliverances: to live the whole of one’s life, through smooth and rough places alike, in sustained obedience and thanksgiving for mercy received — to seek and find one’s deepest joy, not in spiritual lotus eating, but in discovering through each successive storm and conflict the mighty adequacy of Christ to save — and in the sure knowledge that God’s way is best, both for our own welfare and for His glory: that is the heart of true religion. No problems of providence will shake the faith of the man who has truly learned this." -J.I.Packer

I have spent many prayer sessions trying to cast out demons that I thought to be attacking. In all reality I was attempting to rid the world of its effects of sin. I am not denying the possibility of spiritual oppression; however, I do believe that many charismatic Christians give satan credit for trials that God has provided.

Written: 11/29/06