Learning to Run!


Sweat rolls down her back and she knows she can. Just a little farther, a little faster, a little harder. Her body graciously moves as her breathing becomes heavy. This is about her and not crowds cheering her on or the approval of man. Better than yesterday but not nearly as good as tomorrow. Endurance, perseverance, pushing oneself to a breaking point all to beat a number. Aching legs and forgotten sorrows she carries on. Her body slows. Doubt rolls in. What she has been running from mile after mile is catching up. Not today. She won't quit. Neck and neck with her own self-doubt she pulls ahead remembering when in fact she couldn't. Her face lights up and her stride widens. Long, lean, muscular legs flex their way to the finish line. Sprinting her last lap she learns what it is to suck air. "Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push... Done!" 30 seconds faster 48.5 minutes longer then when she first began.

"Yes, ma'am there are some real runners up here today."


mooce said...

Ooo, I like it. This makes me ask lots of questions. Good job.

mooce said...

read again. Loved this:

"Better than yesterday but not nearly as good as tomorrow"