This week was our first week to start homeschooling. While I have fully appreciated watching my children learn and grow there is something magical about the discipline of educating. We have our posters with shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet. There is a joy in watching and training my children to honor God with their minds.

I must admit I am overwhelmed at how I will approach their education. Nights have been spent laying awake wondering if I will do my children a disservice, if I will truly learn along with them, and how I will accommodate their learning styles. For as nervous as I am, I am also encouraged because of the amazing person my homeschooled husband turned out to be.

Brandon and I plan to "un-school." What this means I don't fully understand yet, but it has been incredible fun learning how to burst out of the box. We both feel that if we are just going to have our kids do worksheets we might as well send them to school;however, if we are going to labor to truly educate our kids it is a 24/7/365 job.

Example: I am making breakfast. I hold up an egg and ask Elias what it is I am holding. He responds an "egg." But we don't stop there. We talk about where eggs come from (chicken-farm-grocery store), that egg starts with an "e", that the clear part is called the "white" and that the yellow is a "yolk." We talk about roosters and hens being male and female. All of this happens while I am making breakfast. Anyone who has known me longer than a week knows that I am not a morning person, and that I would prefer to not talk in the morning, but this homeschooling my children - a sacrifice.

So here we are: week 1.


mooce said...

Brandon holds up a spoon at the dinner table, "Elias, what's this?"
"Good job. And this?"
Brandon with eyebrows lifted points to salt shaker. "Eh?"
Elias, thinking dad is pointing at the bottle of Shiner, smiles, "Manes."

Well done Elias. Well done.

mooce said...

how's it going?

The Braaten Family said...

Be careful w/your worksheet comment, LOL! I've got plenty of principals and coworkers who will brag about my hands on approach!!!
with love,
your friend who happens to be a former elem. teacher.

Niccole said...

M is for Manes - It's going really well! I'm having a ton of fun.

S is for my lovely Spell Check :) - worksheets were not a dig at schools, but rather some homeschool programs. Many consist of "give your children this book and worksheet. The answer key is on page 184." I appreciate the help just in case I don't know my short vowels from my long vowels.