I have been a part of some beautiful births as an apprentice midwife and doula, and definitely have an idea of how I expect my birth to go. I also enjoy hearing other natural childbirth professionals plan and discuss their plans for the birth of their children so I thought I would share. It will be fun to read this after our little one is born and see how close I was.

Day Leading Up to Birth:

I imagine waking up on a day close to my due date (hopefully 08/28 as it's my favorite grandpa's birthday) and taking my boys, who both made their arrival 10 days after their estimated due date, out for a morning of fun. Then we will come home, have lunch, and all lay down for a nap. I'll make a light dinner and wait for Brandon to come home. Brandon will come home, we'll eat, he'll play with the boys, and I'll have some quiet time. We will read to the boys and put them down for bed.

When Labor Begins:

I think I'll go into labor in the evening, because that seems to be when I relax most and when I started labor with the boys. I imagine the first wave of contractions coming on between 9:30-10 p.m. and being strong but manageable. After an hour of strong contractions they will pick up and I will need to focus and start to use my deep relaxation techniques. Around this time Brandon will call the midwife to give her a heads up, and I will more than likely get into the birth tub that has already been set up in baby's room.

I will more than likely find the hands/knees position the most manageable position, but I am really hoping to be able to squat in the tub through most of this birth. I am planning for back labor as that seems to be the way my body handles labor. The idea of back labor does not cause fear as I know what to expect and consciously know that the labor will have an end.

Time to Push:

After 3-4 hours of laboring I plan to have to push for under 20 minutes. Brandon and I both hope and plan on Brandon catching and being the first to touch our daughter. I think pushing will be a calm and focused time.

Boys Introduction:

If the birth happens the way I am planning then both boys will be asleep in their beds. We will wake them once their sister is here and spend some time together in our bed as a newly expanded family. If I go into labor during the day we will more than likely call a family friend so the boys can have a fun day while I labor.

Emotional Expectations:

I have been practicing my relaxation techniques faithfully and finding Scripture for my affirmations. I am really planning on this birth being very calm, and giving me an opportunity to appreciate the wondrous experience of natural birth. I am not fearful going into this birth and I must praise God for that victory. I was terrified to go into labor with Josiah because of the length of Elias' birth (45 hours), and in the the beginning of this pregnancy I was scared that baby girl's birth would go just as fast as Josiah's (3 hours) and I wouldn't be able to get on top of the contractions.

What We Will Use to Manage Labor:

- Scripture/Prayer/Affirmations
- Massage
- Different Laboring and Pushing Positions in Water
- Homeopathic Aconite to slow down labor if needed and it also helps reduce fear

Our Daughter's Predicted Stats:

Birth Date: 08/28/08
Birth Time: 2:14 a.m.
Length of Birth: 4-5 hours
Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz
Length: 20 inches


Jen said...

Amazing. It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL birth. I can't wait to meet little Selah!! :)

Aubs said...

What a great way to bring in a new addition to the family...calm, relaxed, loved...how blessed you must feel to have such a great handle on the days to come.