I have been geeking out and studying the benefits of a few different kinds of teas. Throughout my training and pregnancies I have heard that red raspberry leaf (RRL) tea is good for toning the uterus, but "good" was an understatement. I am blown away to read about the effects of drinking RRL throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. There are also a few other herbs I have learned are incredibly beneficial for the pregnant woman.

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea:

- Helps to tone the uterus for a shorter labor
- Can greatly reduce pain in labor
- High in many vitamins and minerals

In Scotland women would drink RRL tea throughout their pregnancy and then drink a very strong and hot brew as they go into labor. In the book Rodale's Encyclopedia of Natural Home Remedies several women give their account of the impact of RRL. Many women say that their labors were incredibly short and low(er) intensity, in comparison to their other births, after diligently drinking RRL tea. Here is a thread from MDC (you may want to grab a cup of tea - it's a long read)

Nettle Tea:

- Helps with high blood pressure, anemia, and pain!
- Eases leg cramps in pregnancy and improves circulation
- Thought to be the highest in Chlorophyll of all the herbs, and provides many other vitamins and minerals

(See Page 9 of the MDC article I posted above)

Alfalfa Tea:

- Helps with hypoglycemia, high blood pressure and the pituitary gland
- High in beta carotene, chlorophyll, and vitamins A & C


- Helps with digestion and flavor :)
- Relieves muscle spasms
- Helps reduce pain

I will follow the Bulk Herb Store's recipe for my pregnancy tea but will start to increase the amount of RRL around week 36. I'll be the guinea pig and let you all know how it goes.