Tomorrow will mark my 36th week of pregnancy, and with this awareness I feel the pressing of my "To Do" list. I have been cleaning, organizing and ridding my house of needless belongings since I hit 30 weeks. The goals I have to accomplish are a bit daunting, possibly unrealistic, but I have the irresistible urge to attempt these feats.

My poor husband has not escaped the imposed pressure. He's working on several projects at once and his list keeps growing. His current big project is painting a crib that baby girl will not sleep in for months but I'm insistent that she will somehow know. With only 3 weekends left before our due date Daddy still "needs" to sand and paint a dresser and glider chair, replace the ceiling fan, and steam clean the carpets. As long as he doesn't sleep I think he will make it!

My mother-in-law will be here on Saturday morning to help me sew the baby's quilt, sew a crib skirt, make a new nursing pillow/cover, wash endless amounts of clothes and cloth diapers, and cook enough meals to hopefully get us through a couple weeks of babymooning. My list also includes lining my kitchen cabinets with oilcloth, painting the wainscotting under my bar, rearranging our office/playroom, and giving the house one last wipe down (this includes walls).

I'm sure this is what the rest of the world calls "nesting" but I think this borders on OCD. By the time I'm done I'm sure birth will be a welcomed break. I'm off.


The Braaten Family said...

I'm sweating just reading this post...LOL!!

Matt & Kristin said...

Uh, yeah, I think you are nesting :). I remember those days of having to wash all towels so I could feel the house was clean.