I have been blessed to be a part of many wonderful births and labors. Watching women labor and birth their babies makes me worship God for His miraculous work and appreciate the wonder it is to be a woman. The births of my own children were the best and most joyous days of my life, and I'm expecting our daughter's birth to be equally as extraordinary.

However, I have never been as floored by a woman in birth as I was when I saw the "Woman Sings While in Labor" video a few months ago. This woman, and her ability to praise our Creator during one of the most difficult times in a woman's life, is my inspiration. I am incredibly thankful she allowed herself to be filmed because she is an image of beauty, strength and peace.


natalie said...

I asked my husband a couple months ago how pain in childbirth was meant to be a curse yet there's so much beauty in it all. He responded so perfectly--it's just one example of God's grace.
how do you not believe in a gracious God after watching that?
Thank you for posting!

Niccole said...

Natalie -

Your husband's explanation is profound. Even in the pain of the curse God's goodness is undeniable.

Thank you for your encouragement and following my blog!