Lavished Upon


There are moments in my life when I take a breath, and am able to feel truly blessed be a woman. Often times I find this joy in being a Wife and a Mother, but today I experienced it as a friend. My closest friends and I got together today for a "Girl's Day" to celebrate the upcoming birth of my daughter.

We met in my friend Jenny's pool clubhouse that is beautifully decorated and perfectly cozy. There was more delectable food then we could eat but we all really tried. Elyse brought my newest addiction of tea infused Sprite, and the desserts were scrumptious. The conversation flowed easily from the topics of birth and children to people's hobbies and granola tendencies.

Every detail of the shower was so thoughtfully planned around my lifestyle and likes that it truly awed me. I was embarrassed to receive gifts for our third child, but each friend so carefully thought out the most personal presents to shower us with. While opening presents I realized that I am surrounded by some incredibly creative women.

Here are some of my handmade gifts:

Elyse was inspired by the lamp shade for Baby Girl's room as she embroidered this blanket. The detail is stunning and complete with our daughter's initial in the flower.

Another thoughtful gift from Elyse - custom burp clothes. I'm pretty sure that Baby Girl's spit up won't be allowed anywhere near these beauties!

Seriously? Elyse "was just having fun" when she decided to add to her handmade collection - this time fleece diaper covers. I cannot wait to see my baby's perfect bum in these perfect diaper covers!

Yup, Elyse again. These are amazing plush toys that Elyse makes and babies love. I was hoping and crossing all my pregnant parts that Baby Girl would get one of these treasures.

Crissi's Creations - lotion and soap bars. From (L) to (R): Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, and Olive Oil Lotion bar (most wonderful scent!), Honey and Almond Lotion bar that smells like "Bit-O-Honey" candy (I want to eat it), and Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Soap (beautifully clean scent). I'm so proud of her for pursuing her dream of having her own business!

Jenny pays such close attention to people's interests! Without knowing why, I thoroughly enjoy Enamelware, and inside of this Enamelware pot was a coupon for meals for the first 6 weeks of baby's life! I'm thrilled with the pot but even more excited for Jenny's yummy food!

In addition to these handmade and creative gifts, I was gifted with some incredibly precious outfits. Patti found an adorable cap sleeved onesie in brown, magenta and lime green stripes and she also added some precious rabbit onesies to the mix. Brandon's Tia put together a treasurable basket of goodies that varied from Baby's first cross to an adorable fleece hoodie. Sara enabled us to go to Target and finish getting a few things that Baby Girl could use with a gift card.

As I reflected on the shower this afternoon I became choked up. I feel humbled by the blessing of the friends I have. I have never had, or been, to a shower that was as intimate as the one I had today.

Thank you ladies for such a wonderful afternoon!


natalie said...

yea! I'm glad you had a wonderful baby shower--those special moments in life are so great!
And I'm really proud to call Elyse my friend right now---wow, wow, wow!!

The Braaten Family said...

WOW! You have some very very talented friends. Those are some very special sentimental gifts...You are so blessed!

elyse said...

i want some of that soap!!! :D yummy.

elyse said...

oh, and i keep forgetting to send you this... emharlow.etsy.com.