Checking In...


I obviously have not been keeping up with my blog for the last couple of weeks so I thought I would take a few minutes to check in.

Selah is precious. Every day I think I love her more than I did the day before. We're having some tummy/gas issues, and I'm trying to narrow down what foods may be bothering her. Chamomile tea and homeopathic nux vomica and chamomilla have been my best friends for the last week.

Elias is in love with his little sister and cannot stop kissing her. He "needs" to check on her several times a day, and always makes sure to let me know when she makes the slightest whimper. He can often be overheard saying, "It's okay baby sister, I'm right here." It melts this mama's heart.

Josiah is also doing really well. The problems we anticipated have not really been an issue, and he has actually made great progress "using his words" in the last two weeks. He'll always be a mama's boy and we're in no hurry to change that.

Brandon is still in Minneapolis for the training for his new job (YAY!). He started with C.H. Robinson on September 1st and had to leave for a 2 week training on the 14th. Having a newborn without my husband around has been hard, but I thank God for the new job and new opportunities.

I have also been blessed by having my mother-in-law come and stay with us for the time that Brandon is gone. She has taken over care of the boys and the house which has been a tremendous help after sleepless nights. The boys love having their YaYa here, and that has obviously helped with the transition.

Selah and I also went and checked out a new home group at our church last night. I loved it and Selah slept in her sling for most of the time. Walking into the group yesterday felt like getting together with old friends, and I look forward to getting to know new people and growing closer to the Lord through fellowship.

That's all I have for now, but hopefully I'll get back to blogging soon.


natalie said...

welcome back!! I'm glad things are going so great!