Ashlee, the amazing photographer that did our pregnancy pictures, came out and did Selah's newborn pictures. She did such a wonderful job that I had to share her work (and of course my beautiful daughter)!


Aubs said...

She is beautiful! We all knew she would be.

elyse said...

i've got her booked for october. :D they're great!!

Samantha said...

She is just precious...as are the other two ;)

I have a gift for her...I will have to try to stop by and see her soon...of course, right now I have a miserable cold...so I will have to wait some time still :(

Micah misses you and the boys! I am sure you are enjoying that little princess with all your heart! And Elias...what a sweet big brother!

Many hugs,

Ashlee said...

Yay! I'm glad you like them.

natalie said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful girl, beautiful family!! You are blessed! :)

Cortni said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all that hair she has!