I said I would stop sharing my political views and I did for the most part. Before the nominations, debates, and elections happened our pastor explained "you will never legislate transformed lives." It rocked my proud little world.

My heart has been trying to focus on where I put the responsibility for change, and what my role is in the shift. Voting is only one way to make a stance be heard. What about the other 1,459 days of a 4-year-term?

My prayer is that God would change my heart and desires for the things that He both loves and hates. I have been challenged on many election issues, and put responsibility on the church (myself included). I have not raised awareness about the issues that I support. I have not put my money where my passions are. For years the only political voice I have had is on the ballot, and it sickens me.

I have started to redirect responsibility of social and political issues to believers. Want immigration reform? Start sending money to missions organizations digging wells, building hospitals, and educating natives. Give people a way and reason to stay in their country. Want abortion to end? Give of your time and resources to help pregnancy crisis centers graciously counsel women faced with the decision to abort. Obviously I am simplifying the solution, but I wonder what our country would look like if believers really started to live as believers.

For the next four years I will continue to pray for the man God put in office. No matter what kind of leader Obama is, I do not put my trust in him and Obama is not the "Change We Need." This morning I'm content knowing that I serve a sovereign God, and I look to Him to guide me as I live out my life before man.