Sweet Boy


Yesterday I was feeling some Mommy guilt about the time I have not been able to spend with the boys lately. Between nursing Selah, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, and keeping a house - quite a bit of our "fun time" has been put on the back burner. I decided after breakfast yesterday that the boys and I were going to have some fun.

Elias has two shows that he loves now - "Sid the Science Kid" and "Super WHY!" When "Super WHY!" was over yesterday I told the boys it was time to turn off the television. Elias walks over to turn off the t.v. and looks at me with all sincerity and says, "I guess you need to play with me now." I laughed and agreed.

His choice of play was playing "Super WHY!" and I had to be his "Princess Presto." We changed story after story, but my favorite was when Elias changed our vacuum from loud to quiet and with excitement he told me he wouldn't be scared of the vacuum anymore. That took us to lunch, but the boys wore capes and told stories most of the day.

Last night, as I was making dinner, Elias stopped by the kitchen doorway to say, "Mommy, today was such a beautiful day together!" I melted and was instantly reminded of the most important things in life. It's not about how clean my house is, but the memories we create within this house. I love when my kids teach me such wonderful lessons!


mooce said...

ELIAS!!! I love him!!

mooce said...


DuckworthFam said...

oh that melts my heart! i'm so glad for sons.
Hope you're well. We'd love to have dinner when we get to D

Niccole said...

Elias is definitely a sensitive little guy - I love it!

Lindey - do you guys know when you're coming yet? We'll definitely have to get together!!!