the dripping of the faucet
drives any man to madness
finding defeat in his attempts
she grumbles at the effort
hope is splashing down the drain
with every leaking complaint
he has walked into his desert

the hoarseness of her voice
reveal the burden of her words
never ceasing, rarely gracious
he climbs the ladder
makes a pallet atop shingles
from his pillow he counts the stars
certain her dissatisfaction is greater

With futile attempts to please
he realizes he's grasping at oil;
trying to calm the wild winds
she cannot see his love
so he performs to exhaustion
and his role and honor are lost
perpetuating her disrespect


Anonymous said...

Wow Niccole, very powerful. I thought maybe you were talking about me when you mentioned the hoarseness of the woman's voice since I've been sick. But hoarse voice or not, this is me and I'm not proud of it. We'll have to get together to talk about "What's the Difference" I'll be praying for you my beautiful friend!

dixie-cricket said...

I thought you might have been talking about me too, but I know you have your "way with words" as well ;)
Don't we all.

Niccole said...

You are both hilarious! I love you ladies so much, and thank God for putting Godly women in my life! Apart from myself, I wasn't talking about any one woman. In my post "It's Good. We're Good" I wrote how God is opening my eyes to the kind of woman and wife I am. It has not been pretty, and the Lord is showing me what a burden nagging, complaining, and dissatisfaction is on Brandon.

When I read the Proverbs about a nagging, quarrelsome, and complaining wife my heart sank. Proverbs says it is better to live in the dessert or on a roof then with a nagging wife. It made me ache for the unnecessary strain I have put on our marriage.

("Hoarseness" was used as a form of satire, and I was implying the frequency of her/my/any wife's complaining.)