Simple Pleasures


Yesterday was a busy day. Not busy chaotic, but rather big "to-do list" crazy. Before 11 a.m. I had completed my list of chores, put dinner in the crockpot, fed, bathed, and dressed the kids, and mowed the lawn. By 3 p.m. three loads of laundry were done, banana bread was baked, circle time with my lovelies was completed, and the boys and I made cookie dough.

After the jam-packed day, imagine the sweet surprise that a last minute invite to get together with friends for dinner brought to my afternoon! The boys ran through the courtyard, Selah roamed in a new walker, and Brandon and I sat back with some amazing people realizing that these are the moments to treasure.

(Isn't Lindey's new iPhone app awesome? It takes four pictures back-to-back and puts them in a collage. Very cool.)