Decluttering (Again)


Last November I signed up for a decluttering challenge on Mothering. The goal was to donate, sell or toss at least 500 items. I flew past 500 quite easily and ended up ridding my life of 1,000 pieces excess.

As I look around my house I still see so many things that I do not need and/or really like. If an object is not being used, does not have sentimental value (as in if it burned to the ground I wouldn't notice) or I don't really, really like it - it is gone. I am done living a life of abundance, and will keep purging my home until I can live a truly simple life.

Tomorrow I begin my new challenge of getting rid of 500 items in 30 days.


mooce said...

All things concerning me should be considered priority, second only to clean underwear and your husband.