I am a confessed Oprah junkie. When Brandon and I first decided that I would be a stay-at-home-mom I really thought I would never be one of those women who uttered, "Today on Oprah....." However.....

Today on Oprah there was a psychologist that talked about being and finding happiness. He went on and on about how you have to take care of yourself first, how we were born happy but the world got a hold of us, and how we are great people. I realize that he was probably not a man that held the Scripture to be infallible - if he believes the Word to be true at all.

To think I can make myself, or anyone else, happy is a lie and leaves my sense of identity in the hands of a mortal and not the omnipotent Creator. What if I never made my husband smile? What if I were never able to satisfy his most simple of needs? Would I be less of a woman or less of a Christian? No, I would do the same thing I am doing now - put my trust in Jesus.

While this totally goes against the "Gospel According to Oprah," I truly believe that if we seek to know Jesus and Him crucified that we will have contentment. This contentment may not reveal itself through luxurious cars, big houses, or fine clothing, but peace that comes from the LORD cannot be tallied up on some Oprah quiz.

*Disclosure: I still love me some Oprah!*


mooce said...

I'll tell her high for you when I get on the show.