Used Diapers


Normally I would not be thrilled to drive 20 minutes to pick up 3 bags of used baby diapers, but today I was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to toss garbage bag after garbage bag into the back of my Rodeo. An incredibly kind and generous woman gave me nearly 150 cloth diapers, covers and inserts today for free.

There is easily $300 worth of diapers sitting in my guest room right now. I really have stop and praise God for the family that was so thoughtful. We had wanted to cloth diaper Josiah, but the initial investment is quite steep. With the variation of sizes we will now be able to finish Siah out in cloth and start our newbie out 'sposie free!

Caught up in my excitement I called my friends to tell them my news, and being the supportive friends they are they were all excited for me. My friend Elyse will be coming over soon to help me sort through my treasure stacks, and I'm sure my lovely friend Meredith will be taking notes on my mishaps. My father-in-law laughed when I proudly announced we would attempt to cloth diaper, and the image of me up to my elbows in poo smeared cotton made me laugh as well.

There is so much to learn about cloth diapering and the lingo almost haulted me in my endeavors. There are all-in-ones, pre-folds, plastic covers, wool covers, inserts, special detergents, and the list goes on and on. While this will be a whole new adventure on the baby frontier I am thrilled to have this opportunity - especially knowing what I know about disposables.

I'm going to go stack, re-stack and marvel at my stash now. All advice is welcome.


mooce said...

congrats on the baby girl. Michael. Her name shall be Michael.

Projetor said...

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Aubs said...

How exciting! I wanted to cloth diaper, but DH said, "I will NOT cloth diaper, so if you want me to change a diaper it will be disposal!" Well! If we have a third we will see who wins that battle seeing my friends cloth diaper. Good luck and keep me updated on how it goes!
Meredith's friend, Aubrey